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Game of Thrones Season 7 will be coming out in mid of 2017. June 2017 is to be said for Game of Thrones Season 7 premier.

Game of Thrones All About : In the year 1991, George Raymond Richard Martin sat down to start a novel series by the name of ‘A song of Ice and Fire’. The writer known for writing in horror, fantasy and science fiction niches put up all his mind to come up with a grabbing story that would turn out to be one of his most popular and admired works. But little did he know at that time that later around the year 2006 his novel is going to grab the interest of two young screenwriters David Benioff and D.B Weiss so much that after a long 5 hour meeting with them, and pitching the idea to HBO his novel ‘A Game of Thrones’ along with its successors will be adopted into one of the most popular Television series of all time. Thus, in 2007 Game of Thrones started its journey.  The series took 6 years to premiere and in the year 2011 with its very first episode, it very well declared its distinctness from any fantasy drama ever made. Up to the end of season 1, Game of Thrones had gained itself a considerably huge fan base which was certain to grow with the subsequent seasons. The intelligent script, brilliant direction and a narrative so indulging that every episode leaves the viewers madly waiting for the next one. Not only is the show a writing masterpiece but is an epitome of brilliant acting. By the end of season 6 the series has shown us some brilliant actors like Peter Dinklage, Leana Headey, Emila Clarke and everyone’s latest favorite the aggressive Mormont girl Bella Ramsey.


Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers

The series is about to enter its 7th season next year but the fans literally begging for the season to come as soon as possible. However the producers have officially declared the season 7 to be a bit delayed. It is being expected to release on June 2017. As disappointing as this might be for the fans, the speculations about the season is keeping up their spirits for good. The viewers are already going insane about the numerous theories and prediction about what turn the story may take now. Will the Khaleesi be able to take back her crown? What will be the fate of Westros in the hands of the ‘Mad Queen’? And how the north is planning to face the biggest danger yet when the winter has finally come? Ending with quite a flabbergasting finale, season 6 had left cliffhangers here and there for the viewers to keenly wait for the next season. However, nothing can be concretely predicted when it comes to Game of Thrones, sneak peeks and hints by the actors and producers of the series are being dropped as to what the viewers can expect from the upcoming season. So let us have look at them and try to form an idea about what the next season.

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Game of Thrones Storyline :

First of all the one news about the series that the internet is flooded with is the additions to its cast.  With huge names like James Faulkner, Ian McShane and Angela Lansbury the show is set to bring over 15 new faces, having big or cameo roles, to its next season. The list also includes 2 more faces from the Harry Potter Series Freddie Stroma and Jim Broadbent who respectively played Cormac Mclaggen and Professor Horace Slughorn in the magical movie series. It will be really interesting to see what how these new additions spice up the already captivating series.

Moving towards more news about the upcoming season of the series we must warn the readers about the possible spoilers that may come. So if you’re ready to take the risk, let us move on.

Season 6 ended with putting an end to all the speculations being made about the, who is actually the mother of Jon Snow. Revealing the truth and proving the famous fan theory about R+L=J, the series had the fans gone crazy all over the world. Well, talking about the upcoming season, it is being anticipated that the 7th season might reveal more about the other half of the story putting more light on Jon’s father. Which means that for the first time the viewers will witness the famous Rhaegar Targaryen. This means the fans are going to have lot more for Jon Snow then they’re expecting especially about the circumstances that forced Ned Stark to present him as his bastard in first place.

Talking about Targaryens there’s a whole more for the fans of, hot in all sense of the word, Khaleesi aka Danaerys Stormborn aka Mother of Dragons aka Breaker of chains aka…. You got the idea. Actress Emilia Clarke playing the role, is believed to have some of her scenes shot in Spain. Now this might not seem much to you, but you might lose your minds once you get to know about the the locations for the same. Based on what the fans have seen, speculations are being made that one of these location can possibly a Dragonpit which the Khaleesi is believed to visit. This means that season 7 is going to witness an epic battle where on one side we’ll be having Mad Queen Cersie with the Westrosi army and her Green Wildfire while on the other side you’ll see the alliance of Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria with the ever so aggressive Khaleesi, her ever ready Unsullied Army and the furious Dragons.

And when it comes to Khaleesi, one more character that is expected to make an entrance in the next season is Jason Mamoa’s Khal Drogo. Mamoa’s Instagram pic alongside Benioff and Weiss has set the fans crazy and speculations for the return of Dothraki warlord are being made everywhere.

Talking more about Cersie Lannister (Lena Headey), who by the end of season 6, earned the nickname, the Mad Queen, there are some hints dropped by the producers themselves. David Bennioff and D.B. Weiss declared in an interview that the season 7 has a lot to reveal about Cersie. According to them till now Cersie’s immense love for her children has evidently been the motivator for all her actions and plans. Since the season 6 ended with her losing her last living child it would be interesting to explore her own moral (or rather immoral) compass. Fans might argue that Cersie still has her brother-cum-lover Jamie by her side but by his look in the final moments of season 6 finale it was pretty clear that Cersie indeed was the in charge in the relationship and would be the one to decide in what direction it may go. It is also being expected that the viewers might see a good side of the character in the upcoming season.

And as we are discussing about changing sides, there is something more that the viewers should be ready for. Among the various theories being made about the season, the most prominent seems to be the one about the series’ “so far Heroes” to be “villains” this time. Yes you read that right! If the sources are to be believed, three of the most loved characters in the series, Jon, Arya and Sansa collectively known as the Starks are believed to be revealing their darker sides in the next season. And the sources that we are talking about are quite prominent. It’s none other than the actress Maisie Williams playing the role of Arya Stark who revealed in an interview that her actions in the season 7, along with what Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and Sansa (Sophie Turner) might do, are expected to “ricochet” on the Starks’ morality as well as psychology. Not only just Maisie but the actress Sophie Turner also hinted that her character Sansa might show her sadistic and villainous shades alongside Lord Petyr Baelish aka Little Finger (Aidan Gillen). Sansa who was seen to have some kind of barbarous pleasure while her ex-husband was fed to the hounds might go all negative in the next season along with her sister and half-brother.

Whatever it may be, the one thing about Starks or rather the whole north that is sure to have the fans glued to their TV screens in the next season is their expected confrontation with the White-Walkers. In its 7th Season the popular HBO TV series is finally about to witness the arrival of winter and as per Jon’s famous saying it is going to bring the dead with it. As a matter of fact, the season 5 episode Hardhome which showcased the epic battle between Jon along with the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings and the white walkers is so far the most viewed episode of the series. However less is being speculated about the Blue-Eyed “Ice Zombies” Benioff and Weiss did state about the Night King as being one of the characters in the series who had a choice and went for the evil one. While Bran Stark is preparing for the battle with the white walkers army, it is very much probable that the King in the North, Jon Snow, might have at least one more confrontation with the army of the dead.

Season 6 has already backed Game of Thrones 23 primetime Emmy nominations and we are sure that it will add a few more wins to the existing 26 in its account. That said, the expectations from the upcoming season 7 are really and quite obviously high. The series is about to come to its conclusion which is going to be hard for not only its more than 20 million fans but everyone involved with the show. Actress Sophie Turner admitted to be “uncomfortable” about the show coming to an end. Moreover, instead of 10 episode like every season yet, season 7 is supposed to be wrapped in 7 episodes. As heart-breaking as it might sound, it would be really interesting to see what the creators of the series have in their mind and how these 7 episode are going to live up the fans expectations.

As the series advances season by season, not only it is gaining more and more fans but is being critically more acclaimed. The story might have diverged from what R.R Martin originally wrote, but that has served as a boon for the series as the fans are left keener about what twists and turns the story might take. Famous for killing the famous and most popular characters more than once, the fans are really curious to find out who is it going to be in the next season.

As the penultimate season in the series, season 7 is expected to have some mind-blowing turns in the story that set the fans ever so keen about the final Game of Thrones season. George R.R. Martin might have told the creators, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, the ending for the series it would be fascinating to know how they are going to reach there and do justice to not only the novels but the infinitely huge fan base.

Nevertheless, the series end might be near and the subsequent seasons might be shorter, one thing that the series is never going to end or fall short of is its surprises and nail-biting storyline. So far the series has gone par fans expectations and is expected to maintain its reputation in the final two seasons as well. It will be interesting to see what the summer of 2017 is about to bring us. Looking at the popularity of the series the new programming president of HBO, Casey Bloys even hinted that however the series is reaching its closure, it is open to spin-offs. This means not only the fans are set to have a staggering conclusion of the current series but might as well have some different storylines adding to their interests. So let us all have our fingers crossed, choose our favorite sides, pray for our favorite characters and sit back tight with our capes and coats ready, because as awesome as it may be – Winter Is Finally Coming. Hope you enjoy Game of Thrones Season 7 Stream with us.